The Road Diaries

by Kevin Carrel Footer

Far-Off Trains

I grew up in the Oakland Hills in a genteel community called Piedmont. If you parted the trees that surrounded our town, you could see San Francisco shimmering across the bay. Most of my friends' fathers worked there in the skyscrapers that shaped that famous skyline....

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Count None but Sunny Hours – Fragment #1

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you." - Gospel of Thomas 1. The Octagon Altar In the garden there was a place where the spell was...

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Even Angels Have to Charge a Fee

I once had a tee-shirt, now long lost, that I picked up at the annual gathering of hobos in Britt, Iowa. On the shirt was an image that showed a hobo with a staff striding down the railroad tracks. Around it were the words “Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks and...

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To Be Soft You Must Become Hard

I cherish my softness. If I am not permeable and porous, then how can you get into me? And you have already sensed how very desperately I want you to break through my barriers so that I can feel you deep inside me churning and shape-changing in my gut as if you were...

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A Thick Current of Words

By Kevin Carrel Footer 20 DEC 2015 The blank white walls of the room are covered in illegible words. Totally. There is no spot that has not been written on. A madman's ode. Covered in words like some cover their bodies in writhing tattoos, the walls are full of...

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Someone Watching Over Me

by Kevin Carrel Footer In the midst of her Wednesday grocery shopping, she came up short when she saw the long black car roll by with the two men in it. It was the same car with the broken taillight that she had seen outside the restaurant two nights before, wasn't...

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Audience of One

by Kevin Carrel Footer 6 December 2015 NEW YORK – My truest writings are the ones I write to myself. As my reader, I am both stricter and more lenient than the real audience. I am quick to punish any lack of honesty if I pick up on something that doesn't ring true in...

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Words That Yearn to Dance

by Kevin Carrel Footer 29 November 2015 As this tour comes to an end – today we stow the van till our return in August – my thoughts turn increasingly to dance. The other night as I coiled the cables after our very last show with couples moving on the dance floor...

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The River Knows Your Name

by Kevin Carrel Footer 19 November 2015 I played a town last night that I once lived in. When I got there I saw my name up in marquee lights. I guess there's a little part of everyone who wants to go back to the town you once lived and find your name up in lights. Of...

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Systems of Light

by Kevin Carrel Footer 8 November 2015 Ruidoso, NM – Like planetary systems we float through the universe. Pre-Galilean, there is a dull planet and a plethora of shimmering stars. The stars are ours, if we choose them. Or we can be the dull inert thing that wobbles...

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