The Road Diaries

by Kevin Carrel Footer

The World as a Walk

by Kevin Carrel Footer I am trying out a new theory on the streets of Buenos Aires. When walking through the most congested parts of town, where the crowds mill and pamphleteers prosper and hawkers hawk, I just let go. I don’t resist the flow of the crowd nor try to...

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Magnificent Muses

By Kevin Carrel Footer It is without a doubt one of the great pleasures of our existence. Certainly it separates man from beast. Doubtless it is one of the highest faculties of both the human mind and spirit. It is capable of bringing together a plowshare and a...

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Tango on the Brain

by KEVIN CARREL FOOTER A new study published in a prestigious medical journal demonstrates that the effects of Tango on the Brain can be long term, pernicious, hard-to-revert and, if left untreated, ultimately fatal. In the prologue, the authors of the study explain...

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Going to Ground

BY KEVIN CARREL FOOTER I have always considered it an extremely useful skill to be able to go to ground, to hunker down, to wait out the apocalypse in whatever form it may come: a loved-one dies, a romance withers or the world turns its fickle gaze toward me in...

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Into the Shadowlands

I love soft patience, eternal wanderings, desperate seekings. I love the beauty that is present in the inward arching flesh of a woman's upper-inner thigh or the hubris of an 18-wheeler in its proud regalia of lights. I love frank handshakes, mischievous glints and...

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Death in a Foreign Land

BY KEVIN CARREL FOOTER CAIRNS Where the cobbled street loses itself in the sand down by the river, I make a cairn from stones that once lead somewhere we thought we wanted to go. To warn off would-be travelers, I have been prying stones from the road and leaving the...

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Eleonora’s Dog

I met Eleonora at the time of my life when I spent far too many hours in La Confiteria Ideal dancing tango. Back home, they say "Show me a good pool player and I'll show you a man with a misspent youth" (Mark Twain). I suppose the same can be said of tango dancers. If...

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Stones Do Not Lie to Bones

After decades of wandering, after life itself had turned me down, I retraced my steps back to the octagon altar. Vines had overgrown the stones that I had once known and a coldness hung in that space beneath the trees. In my mind, I shambled and dragged by broken body...

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by Kevin Carrel Footer Like those great outer space explorations where they shoot a rocket around a planet and then use the momentum created slingshot-like to careen ever deeper into space, I have long ricocheted through a constellation of women. Twinkling, blinking,...

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