The Road Diaries

by Kevin Carrel Footer

Life in Art

I’m not certain that I would even begin to read a piece titled, “Life in Art.” (So if you have gotten this far, I congratulate you.) I know I would be put off by the fulsomeness of the proposition that lay ahead. I would expect the writer to...

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Honesty Turns Me On

It seems a long time ago, another life. We sat in a restaurant of starched white table cloths and talked. Long after our plates were removed and we were coaxing the last drops of champagne from the night, we talked. And talked. The other diners left. The...

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The Book of Longing

By Kevin Carrel Footer 3 June 2018 It is widely assumed that taking a taxi is preferable to riding on a cramped bus. Why then do passengers in taxis look longingly at those in passing buses? Buses are rowdy, awkward and prone to pickpockets scrounging...

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Life’s Tourist

1. “I am a tourist in many world’s without belonging to any one of them,” she said. It is true that she moved in and out of a dizzying number of worlds. She mentioned extreme emotional situations she had been in as if everyone wandered in and out of places...

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Life is a Side Project

We are sacrificed into this world. Not born. We give up something sacred and eternal when we come here, something excruciating to lose. Each of us takes a mortal form and with it the certainty of death. (And along the way there are all those human passions...

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Let the Magic Begin Again

It is Carnaval and out from the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires stream broken-down buses carrying murga troupes to outdoor stages around the city. The murgueros criss-cross the city during the night, spilling out of their buses to sing the songs of their neighborhood...

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The Tango Singer on the Sidewalk

Cucuza Castiello singing with El Cachivache Quinteto during Carnaval. Feb 2017 ithin tango there is the enduring image of Carlos Gardel standing on the sidewalk singing to his fans. He would leave the theater and his fans would follow. They would...

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Like Swimming Through Night and Day

The pool where we swam belonged to Camille Durney, an older woman who lived with her ex-husband. The story was that they had once been married, he had left and years later, long after the divorce, he had asked to come back. And she had acquiesced. He was a sour sort...

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The Man Who Bought Me Records

The albums that I listened to in the night had come to me from Bill Bartley, a grammar school teacher who had taken a special interest in my education. I was in his class when I was ten years old but our friendship continued for years after that. I began by helping...

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